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Dachan Food has gotten into the Chinese mainland, and expanded broiler-related businesses since 1990. DaChan’s high vertically integrated business model combines feeds production and sales, chicken hatching, breeding and slaughtering, processing of chicken meat and production of processed foods in one single operational platform. The operation of Dachan is mainly in Hebei, Anhui, and Liaoning.

A broiler integration had been one of the main industries of Dachan Food in the PRC until 1995. Dachan has worked hard in the field of livestock products for two decades. By the order agriculture production mode of “Nine Unified Management”, “Three Fixed Prices”, Dachan operates contractual feeding and establishes win-win relationship with farmers. Dachan Food breeds and chooses excellent broiler species, and asked its contract farmers to only use its own feed. In addition to the advanced and scientific feeding management, Dachan guarantees its chicken meat and prepared meat products safe with strict anti-epidemic system.

“Five Unified Management” is unifying feed supply, unifying chick supply, unifying disease prevention, unify drug supply, and unifying buy-back.

“Three Fixed Prices” is the fixed chick price, the fixed feed price and the fixed buy-back price.

Dachan Food first launched product traceability program and transparent food engineering in China in 2009. Dachan was also a pioneer of product traceability in domestic broiler industry. At the same time, Dachan used “Sister Kitchen” as it’s chicken product food brand. Every chicken or processed product of “Sister Kitchen” own a ten-digit trace code. By sending the code to 1066-9588-9423 on the phone or browsing the website:, the consumers can know the information about the farm, farmers, the time of chick introduction and slaughter, the production data of feed used, the slaughter plant, the data of fresh meat production and quality testing, and the data of processed food. Therefore, the consumers can enjoy the safe and traceable food from Dachan.


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