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Dachan Food has moved into feed industry in China since 1990. It poses excellent R&D capability and abundant production experience. It is one of the earliest feed companies in China, too. With “Immune-Plus” biotechnology, Dachan has owned several characteristic and reliable brands. About swine feed, the brands include “Dr. Nupak” featured immune nutrition, “Green Knight” featured green and good meat quality, and “TSOS” featured custom-made feed and useful service. In addition, the poultry and ruminant feed of Dachan has a good reputation and effect in the market.

Maintaining high quality of chicken products has always been DaChan’s priority, therefore its Contract Farmers are required to purchase and use its feeds to grow the birds. With the increasing demand of chicken meat products, contracted farmers of Dachan have larger-scale operated and upgraded the automated equipment. Besides, Dachan has optimized its feed product, and insisted in offering reassuring, healthy and fresh chichen products for helping contracted farmers to increase efficiency and revenue. 
Dachan Food pursues its pioneering vision with honesty and humility. By “Immune-Plus” biotechnology, it will set an example of antibiotic free, green and low carbon feeding. The healthier livestock’s intestines, the higher resistance they own, and the farmers will earn more money and save more energy. 

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